About Greenbaum.org

I started Greenbaum.Org in 1998 with the mission of providing free WWW services for myself and my family becuase the Internet is dominated by commercial interests with no respect for individuals.

Money makes the web go around. Your URL and your email address are controlled by ISPs, who allow you to be identified with their brand name for a fee. Some ISPs will rent you back your own family name at a yearly fee. Self-appointed "Certificate Authorities" will, for a fee, "certify" your identity with digital signatures, though they have no firm basis to claim that they know who you are other than you gave them money via a credit card number which very well could have been obtained through identity fraud. All of this money and commercial association to particpate on the Internet! But in reality all you need to be on the web is a netfeed and a server. You don't need to tithe to Verisign or Google or Microsoft.

I believe ISPs should provide bandwidth, and nothing more. Your identity is yours, your URL is yours. I believe digital signatures should be not be controlled by commercial interests who are motivated by money to look the other way at fraud.

To actualize this philosophy I created Greenbaum.Org. I provide email aliases, and in the past web pages for my family. Since I have reserved the Greenbaum.Org domain name for this purpose, and there can only be one www.greenbaum.org, I extend this service, within my resource constraints, to all individuals with the Greenbaum family name. If you are a Greenbaum and wish to use the services available here, feel free to email me to request an account.